Gold Children's Party

This is the highest tier of party with the widest choice.

You can choose one item from the Bag Section, one from the Craft Section and one from the Card Section,

Cards - click on the item for a larger picture

Rolling Card
Slider card with fish motif

Rolling Cards
Never Ending Card Never ending Card
Slider Card Slider Card
Revolving Card Revolving Card
Trophy Card Trophy Card
Zig Zag Card Zig Zag Card
Pop Up Cards Pop Up Cards



Bags - click on the item for more information

Mini Fabric Bag Mini Fabric Bag
Mini Foam Bag Mini Foam Bag
wiggle eye gift bag Mini Wiggle Eye Gift Bag
Plain Gift Bag Plain Gift Bag


Crafts - click on the item for more information

spinning top

Spinning top



Play Noodles

Play noodles

finger puppets

Finger puppets



sun visor

Sun visor

Wiggle Eye Fridge Magnets

Wiggle eye fridge magnets

wiggle eye suncatcher

Wiggle eye sun-catchers



Crown Mask

Crown Mask

Character Mask

Character mask

Creature Mask

Creature mask

stick mask

Stick mask



fabric bookmark

Fabric bookmark

Design a person keyring

Design-a-person keyring

Plastic Keyring

Plastic keyring

Shrink Plastic Keyring

Shrink plastic keyring

novelty colour in box

Novelty colour in boxes

Wooden Pen Pal

Wooden pen pal

necklace coin purse

Necklace coin purse

ceramic coaster

Ceramic coasters



Cone Puppet

Cone puppet

oval box

Oval boxes

Design a fan


transport tissue

Transport tissue decorations

plastic coaster

Plastic coaster

design a snowstorm


stain glass bangle

Stained glass bangle

fabric snap on bracelet

Fabric snap on bracelet

Fabric Pencil Case

Fabric pencil case

large photo frame

Large photo frame

Wooden Pencil Box

Wooden pencil box

Hearts and Flowers Photo Frame Magnets

Heart and flower photo frame magnets

min porcelain flower pot

Mini Porcelain Flower pots

Bug Habitat

Bug habitats

wooden toothbrush holder and timer

Wooden toothbrush timer/holder

Woodcraft Pencil Holder

Woodcraft pencil holder

Wooden CHest of Drawers

Wooden chest of drawers

porcelain trinket box

Porcelain trinket boxes

large white porcelain mug

Large White Porcelain Mug

large contemporary mug

Large Contemporary Porcelain Mug

Large Fabric Shoulderbag

Large fabric shoulder bag

Coloured Drawstring Back Pack

Coloured Drawstring backpack

Denin Drawstring back pack

Denim backpack

All above options are subject to availability.

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